How Can I Control Pumps And Underfloor Heating Without Expensive Civil Works?

EasySwitch Heating engineers and installers are often faced with old and new build properties where the connection between a boiler servicing underfloor heating or hot water requires cabling that can be difficult or simply not possible to install thus causing delay and disruption to a project. The EST4HVAC transmitter has been designed specifically for the […]

EasySwitch Receivers Explained

EasySwitch The range comprises several receivers all of which are IP66 rated and work seamlessly with EasySwitch transmitters. ESR1 – this is a wireless mains powered receiver commonly used for both domestic and commercial applications.  It has one volt free relay with a switching capacity of 1KW and can learn up to 16 transmitters. The […]

How Can I Control An Outside Light From Inside The House?

EasySwitch EasySwitch enables you to control outdoor lights from inside the home without any expensive or intrusive works. Simply connect the battery powered EST1 transmitter behind any standard wall switch, from single to four gang, and connect the ESR1 on/off receiver to the outside light which uses volt free contacts. As the transmitter is powered […]

What Should I Be Careful Of When Placing A PIR On My Property?

EasySwitch There are several factors to take into account when placing a PIR on your property to avoid unnecessary false alarms. The most common cause of false alarms is foliage or moving branches so make sure there are no bushes or trees within the detection range of your PIR.  You can fit the occluder supplied […]

Which EasySwitch Detector Should I Use?

EasySwitch There are 4 types of EasySwitch PIR detector: ESD.1, ESD.2, ESD.3 and ESD.30. Each detector features a different lens pattern, suitable for a variety of scenarios.  If you have pets you can select the ESD.3 which is fitted with a curtain lens. When mounted at 2.5 metres it will not see below approximately 1 […]