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ALERTEX Lockdown System Installed At Welwyn St. Mary’s Primary School

Welwyn St. Mary’s is a Church of England primary school in Hertfordshire with over 400 mixed pupils between the ages of 4 and 11.  The spacious main building was originally built in 1937 as a secondary school and the grounds comprise an outdoor classroom, two playgrounds, a sports field and even a nature reserve.

When staff and governors were investigating lockdown systems an internet search suggested Luminite.  Given the high costs involved in wiring a traditional system, both in terms of man-power and installation costs and the relative untidiness of cables, the school was keen to consider a wireless solution.  The school were first supplied with demonstration equipment to test before deciding to install ALERTEX.

Luminite supplied a mixture of internal and external units meaning that no matter where the initial alert point was triggered, all pupils and staff both inside and out would hear the lockdown alert and see the flashing blue beacons.  The largely single-floor layout of the school means that coverage needs to be assured.  Lockdown units are deliberately blue in colour to differentiate them from a fire alert and there were 32 sounds to choose from to further identify the alert, with adjustable volume.  Mobile panic alert fobs were also supplied for key staff working in the playgrounds.  In addition, an IP masthead was supplied to enable the Site Manager to quickly identify the location of activated call points, perform regular tests, check batteries and send e-mail alerts to keep staff informed in the event of an activation.

Bill Morris, Chair of the School Governors Fabric Health & Safety Committee said ‘We had the expertise so we fitted the ALERTEX system ourselves to further minimise cost.  Luminte were extremely helpful at the design stage in answering our questions and loaning the units for coverage testing and in helping us with the IP Masthead system configuration.  We have carried out a practice test and are very pleased with the result’

Laura Grainger from Luminite commented ‘We are conscious that, especially in the current climate, school budgets must be spent wisely and we were happy to supply advance demo units to the school in order for them to test thoroughly.’

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