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ALERTEX is a battery powered, wireless critical alert system. The units are fully portable, wire free, and can be rapidly deployed for fire alert and lockdown situations.

  • Rapidly deployable with no wires or cabling
  • Monitor and control units using the PC App
  • Annunciator or simple alert variants
  • Wireless with up to 64 units per site
  • 1km transmission range between units
  • Long battery life of up to 2 years
  • Robust IP66 weather rating

The ALERTEX Wireless Critical Alert system is a robust wireless alert solution that operates over a secure, wireless mesh protocol. It is battery operated and requires no wires or cabling. The units are portable and rapidly deployable.

Up to 64 ALERTEX units can be used per site, with an impressive 1km line of sight wireless transmission range between units. Each unit acts as a repeater and the alert transmission can ‘hop’ up to 16 times across the mesh network, allowing the ALERTEX system to have a maximum line of sight range of up to 16km. ALERTEX units are highly energy-efficient and can last up to 2 years on a set of batteries.

The ALERTEX system can be used as a standalone system, comprising of one master unit and several slave units. The master unit features a master reset key the can be used the reset the system post-activation. 

The ALERTEX system can be monitored and controlled from one central location by adding in a Genesis IP Masthead to be used with the ALERTEX PC app. From the app, the ALERTEX system can be monitored, activated, and tested. Additionally, email alerts can be set up to be sent to 3 separate email groups in the event of an activation. 

The ALERTEX Wireless Critical Alert System comprises two main variants: ALERTEX Fire Alert and ALERTEX Lockdown.

Looking for an Approved Installer?

  • Alertex Approved Installers are accredited to install Alertex Lockdown and Fire systems to the highest standard
  • All of our approved installers are highly experienced and have previously installed Alertex systems
  • We have several approved installers across the UK who are happy to perform site visits

The ALERTEX Fire Alert system is ideal for temporary or evolving sites, i.e. construction and utility sites, that require a robust alert to fire. As it is fully portable and wire-free, it can be installed quickly and simply without the need for civil works.

ALERTEX Fire Alert units comply with current HSE Fire Safety Guidelines (HSG168) regarding audible and visual alerts to fire on construction sites. 

The ALERTEX Lockdown system is designed to give a clear alert in the event of an activation. Lockdown units are visually and audibly distinct from fire alert units to minimise disruption and confusion.

Lockdown units comply with current guidelines from NaCTSO, which state that ‘the activation of the fire alarm to initiate evacuation should be avoided to reduce the possibility of an incorrect response’.


Battery Powered Voice Annunciator
with speaker and flashing LED lights

  • 5 pre-loaded voice messages
  • upload custom message via USB
  • white flashing LED lights on activation
  • works with all Alertex units

The Alertex Approved Installer Scheme

  • Certified to install Alertex Fire Alert and Lockdown systems to the highest quality
  • Listed on the Approved Installers page
  • Priority access to the latest products and test equipment
  • Recommended to customers by Luminite depending on location
  • Discounts for test and demonstration equipment

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements 2 x 3.6v lithium D cells
Battery Life Up to 2 years with low battery alert via masthead
Receiver Frequency 434.525 Mhz
Reception Range Up to 1km line of sight per mesh hop
Transmitter Power 10 MW
Aerial Supplied with 50 ohm helical
Site Codes 32
Unit Codes 64
Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C
Weather Rating IP66 for external units / IP54 for internal units
Housing Enclosure & sounder ABS, call-point polycarbonate
Decibel Level Adjustable from 86 dBa to 117 dBa
Sounder Operating Frequency 440 - 2900 Hz

Frequently Asked Questions