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OCULi Online: How To Set Up The Arming Schedule

OCULi Guides Setting the Arming Schedule 1) Arming schedules can be set for individual units or for entire sites. To arm an individual unit, select the unit in the Units tab. To arm an entire site, select the site in the Sites tab. *To force the site to override the arming schedules of individual units, […]

OCULi Online: How To Create A New Site

OCULi Guides Adding New Sites 1) A default site will be created in the Sites tab after the unit has successfully connected to the server. This default site is meant to be used for creating other sites. 2) To create a new site, click on the default site and adjust the settings according to your […]

OCULi Online: How To Add A New Unit

OCULi Guides Adding New Units 1) The Units tab will self-populate once the OCULi unit has powered up and it has made a successful connection to the server. 2) You can amend the name, assigned site, power-saving mode, and PIR sensitivity of the unit once it has made its first connection. *The suggested power saving […]

OCULi Online: How To Add A New User

OCULi Guides Adding New Users 1) When you create an OCULi online account, the first user created will be made with the details used to sign up and will be assigned the Manager role by default. 2) Click on the Add user button. 3) Fill in the required fields and set up an email address […]

OCULi Online: The Complete Web Portal Guide

OCULi Guides Table of Contents Creating an Online Account 1) In your internet browser, visit 2) Click on the register button in the top right-hand corner 3) On the registration page, fill in all the required fields *Passwords must contain at least 6 characters, with at least 1 capital letter and 1 number. Special […]