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Security Risks For Solar Farms

OCULI HD With the demand for renewable energy ever increasing, the number of solar, wind farms and hydroelectric plants will grow.  Given the nature of these sites – highly visible, outdoor and large – theft and vandalism are constant threats, particularly for solar farms where panels and cable are portable and highly desirable.  Securing outdoor […]

How Vulnerable Is Your Monitoring System?

OCULi HD The recent Panorama episode concerning vulnerabilities in popular CCTV cameras has caused quite a stir in the security sector. ‘Hackers’ were able to take advantage of cameras vulnerabilities in the units and software to access video and audio feeds. These vulnerabilities were touted as intentional backdoors built into the products, but what wasn’t […]

How Can OCULi HD Aid The Security Of Commercial And Residential Vacant Properties?

OCULi HD Standalone Vacant Property Protection The number of unoccupied properties in the UK has reached record highs with over 615,000 empty buildings in 2019.  Over 440,000 of these were residential dwellings and over 170,000 were commercial buildings representing over 150 million square feet of vacant retail space.  Residential vacancies had seen a stark increase […]

New OCULi HD PIR Camera With 40m Detection

PRESS RELEASE Capturing high definition footage over longer distances Luminite is delighted to announce the launch of their new long range HD OCULi wireless PIR camera to compliment their standard 15m model.  The new 40m version is particularly suited to detecting vehicles or assets across a large area with the telephoto lens offering clear, close-up […]

Luminite Appoint IPX360 As A Distributor In Canada And The USA

PRESS RELEASE Luminite Electronics Ltd, manufacturer of a wide range of wireless security solutions, has appointed IPX360 Solutions Inc, based in Montreal, as a distributor for their range in Canada and the United States of America. IPX360 Solutions Inc were founded in 2011 and have built up an enviable reputation in the industry for service […]

The Complete List Of OCULi Accessories

OCULi HD Horn Speaker OCULi HD (LO15HD4GE) the wireless HD PIR camera from Luminite now comes with increased speaker functionality. When connected to one of our horn speakers, OCULi HD can now deliver the following functions using the new Live Services section of the portal. Voice Challenge When Voice Challenge is selected in the OCULi […]

The Impact Of Red Diesel Tax On Construction Site Security

White Paper Major building companies are already facing challenges with regards to site security with the theft of equipment and machinery costing the industry over £800 million each year.  In 2018 it was estimated that there were 120,000 fuel theft incidents alone. The industry is about to face further challenges with the Government recently announcing […]

Key Differences Between OCULi HD And Other Wireless PIR Cameras

OCULi HD OCULi HD – The Standalone Security Solution No other equipment is required for OCULi HD such as a base station, hub or bridge.  This equipment is required for RSi, Reconeyez and Ajax MotionCam.  OCULi HD is completely standalone.  Whilst hubs need one sim for multiple cameras, the local wireless communication to any base […]