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EasySwitch HVAC System Saves Developer From Expensive Cabling Costs

Heating engineers and installers are often faced with old and new build properties where the connection between a boiler servicing underfloor heating or hot water requires cabling that can be difficult or simply not possible to install thus causing delay and disruption to a project.

Luminite were able to provide a solution to Paul Shemilt at 1st Logic Electrical Ltd based in Poole in Dorset.           

Paul was presented with a problem concerning 19 newly built flats in Surbiton London that had no individual electrical connection to the building’s main boiler.  The owner of the building was faced with very expensive works involving running a cable from each individual flat to the main boiler. 

Paul contacted Luminite and we offered a wireless solution whereby each flat was fitted with an EasySwitch HVAC transmitter (EST4HVAC) going back to a receiver at each floor in the services riser which was accessible, linking back to the centralised boiler plant room control panel. 

Each transmitter emitted a specific code to the four circuit receiver (ESR4), so for this application 5 receivers were required to accommodate the 19 transmitters.  The transmitter and receiver can be sited up to 100 metres from each other.

Luminite’s Managing Director, Graham Creek  commented ‘ this scenario is precisely why the EasySwitch HVAC  transmitters were designed and we are delighted that Paul was able to offer this solution to his customer.  Paul Shemilt commented  “this was a cost saving option, saving  time in materials and labour costs”.

Installers and engineers can also use the EasySwitch range for a series of wireless solutions.  Using a battery powered wall switch transmitter (EST1) or portable key fob (ESF4) for example, outside garden lights and water features can be controlled from within the home when used with a single or 4 way receiver (ESR1 / ESR4).  Outside lights can also be controlled with EasySwitch PIR detectors so that they will light up via a receiver.  Additionally an internal bleeper can alert the household to someone approaching the house.   Electric gates or garage doors can be wirelessly controlled using a key fob as the transmitter with any of the EasySwitch receivers.

In short, Easyswitch is a cost effective alternative to cabling and significantly reduces labour costs.

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