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EasySwitch is a range of wireless transmitters and receivers for commercial and domestic applications. EasySwitch is suitable for hundreds of scenarios; mix and match products to create your perfect system.

  • PIR trigger security lighting or a CCTV system
  • Easily overcome difficult wiring situations
  • Control garden lighting or features
  • Fit new light switches without cables
  • Control HVAC devices
  • Remotely control lighting with a keyfob
  • Operate gates for a driveway or commercial site
  • Operate garage doors or roller shutters
  • Solve wiring oversights quickly and easily
  • Trigger an audible alert to visitors and intruders



Wirelessly Control Outside Lights and Internal Bleeper

Battery powered, standalone ESD PIR Detectors have a built in transmitter and can be sited up to 100 metres from the ESR1 Receiver.  In this scenario, the intruder is detected by the PIR detector which sends a signal to the receiver to turn on security lights.

It also sends a signal to the ESB Plug-In Bleeper to give an audible alert. Multiple PIRs can be used with a single or four way receiver to provide maximum coverage. 

Wirelessly Control Garden Lighting and Features

The EST1 Wall Switch Transmitter allows you to position a switch virtually anywhere within your home or premises. It is battery powered and wireless so requires no expensive or intrusive cabling works to be carried out and fits behind most conventional light switch plates.

It works in conjunction and either the ESR1 or ESR4 Receiver to control garden lighting or pond features. The Key Fob also acts as a transmitter to the receiver.

Wirelessly Operate Lights and / or Electric Gates

With a transmission range of 100m and long battery life, EasySwitch Key Fobs offer the perfect solution for wireless switching.

Working in conjunction with the ESR4 Receiver, up to four circuits can be switched from a single fob. An optional ESB Bleeper can also be used to alert staff working on site or within a construction office.

A single circuit ESR1 Receiver can be used to operate, for example, gates or just a single lighting circuit. Wireless PIR detectors enhance the system by facilitating automatic switching of security lighting and bleepers. 

Wirelessly Control Pumps and Under Floor Heating

Especially designed for retro fit control of HVAC systems, the EST4HVAC Transmitter sends a signal to the ESR1 Receiver to switch a pump to control underfloor heating or a boiler system.

The transmitter and receiver can be sited up to 100 metres from each other with no costly cabling involved.

The EST4HVAC can accept up to 4 inputs so will also work with the ESR4 Receiver to control up to 4 devices which can include lighting and water pumps.

EasySwitch Detectors working with the new 16 Zone Receiver

Up to 16 standalone PIR Detectors can be used with the ESR8+8 Receiver to provide cost effective protection for a construction site. The detectors will sense the movement of the intruder and wirelessly transmit that information to the receiver.

This receiver has volt-free contacts and in turn can be connected to any third party alarm panel or DVR / NVR which operate sounders, security lighting or CCTV.  The receiver can be sited up to 200 metres away from the detectors.