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Wireless EasySwitch
PIR Detector


The ESD30 EasySwitch PIR detector joins the extensive range of EasySwitch wireless products to provide a covert PIR detection range of up to 30 metres over a wide area. 

This battery powered wireless PIR detector can transmit to any EasySwitch receiver over a range of up to 500 metres (line of sight) to form part of a lighting or alarm system.

  • Pet immune lens array
  • Adjustable pan and tilt feature provides discreet coverage from a variety of angles
  • Sliding internal curtains allow for a customisable field of view
  • 30m x 20m long range lens
  • 3-year battery life
  • 500m line of sight wireless
    transmission range
  • Robust IP55 weather rating

Perfect for Construction Sites

Ideal for Car Showrooms

When used, for example, with an EasySwitch ESR8+8 receiver, the ESD30 can provide highly reliable and accurate motion detection for a home or small business CCTV system. The ESD30 can be paired with more than one receiver so that in addition to providing alarm outputs to a CCTV system, it can also activate internal or external lighting and sound an audible alert via an ESB.1. To control lighting, the ESD30 should be used with either an ESR.1 or an ESR.4 which have switched mains outputs.

The detection area is 30m x 20m and the internal optical assembly can be adjusted from side to side as well as down so that the product does not have to be mounted facing in the direction of the area to be covered. Additionally, this product can be set up for pet immunity or curtain coverage. Walk testing is by way of a bright LED and the unit is IP55 weather resistant.

Technical Specifications

Lens Pattern & Usage Examples


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