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Genesis 1

Genesis 1 is a versatile PIR detector that uses sophisticated signal processing and optics to minimise nuisance alarms caused by the sun, shadows and reflections.

Daylight and thermal sensors allow the unit to automatically compensate for varying climate conditions, whilst the sensitivity of the pyro can be adjusted by changing the AB filtering settings which determine whether an alarm is generated depending on whether one (A or B) or both (A and B) infrared beams is crossed.

Genesis 1 uses a sophisticated dual element pyro sensor combined with a powerful microprocessor which uses complex algorithms to determine the validity of detection events. This minimises nuisance alarms and increases detection accuracy. The Genesis 1 3020 variant features two dual element pyro sensors and mirror optics to provide a much larger detection range without sacrificing accuracy.

Genesis 1 has four built-in methods of detecting a tamper alert: the shock sensor detects physical attacks, the anti-masking sensor allows the unit to detect when the lens has been covered, the 3-axis inertia sensor detects movement of the unit, and there is a switch that detects when the front and back of the unit have been separated. The anti-tamper sensors remain active event when the unit is disarmed.

All Genesis 1 detectors are housed in a durable polycarbonate housing, are IP66 weather rated and are EN50131-1 Grade 2 compliant.

Genesis LGWP1520 023

Why choose Genesis?

  • LED display for easy programming and setup
  • Wireless transmission up to 1km – can be extended with repeaters
  • External aerial available to extend transmission of difficult sites
  • Various detection patterns available
  • IP interface to a wide range of leading brand NVRs
  • Up to 64 detectors can operate with one masthead receiver
  • Easy to use walk-test instrument saves time for the installer
  • Wireless Genesis keypad and keyfob available for easy remote set and unset of alarms
  • IP66 weather rated and Grade 2 compliant


Genesis 1 Wireless (LGWP) is completely wire-free with a robust wireless transmission range of up to 1km. A battery life of up to two years is achieved using advanced power-saving technology which allows the unit to maintain optimum performance, even when the batteries are running down.


Genesis 1 Hardwired (LGHW) is powered from an external 12 volt power supply. There are two optically isolated relay contacts that provide alarm and tamper.

Lens Patterns

Technical Specifications