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Genesis 2

Genesis 2 is a covert PIR detector which uses advanced black mirror optics and quad element pyro sensors for highly responsive, accurate detection with excellent false alarm immunity.

The adaptive focal distance of the mirror ensures the target remains the same size regardless of distance which enables accurate detection over the full coverage area.

The view angle is covert and cannot be ascertained by looking at the unit. Additionally, Genesis 2 is less prone to unauthorised adjustment as there are no external movable parts.

The easy-access programming panel with LED display simplifies setup and testing. A plug-in transmitter module (TXG2) allows Genesis 2 to interact with the Genesis Walk-Test instrument (LGWT434), allowing you to easily test positioning and signal of units.

The modern and covert design of Genesis 2 disguises its true purpose as a PIR detector. It is IP66 weather-rated with two options for cable entry and is EN50131-1 Grade 2 compliant.

G2 Front

Why choose Genesis?

  • LED display for easy programming and setup
  • Wireless transmission up to 1km – can be extended with repeaters
  • External aerial available to extend transmission of difficult sites
  • Black mirror optics and complex algorithms minimise false alarms
  • Various detection patterns available up to 60m
  • IP interface to a wide range of leading brand NVRs
  • Up to 64 detectors can operate with one masthead receiver
  • Easy to use walk-test instrument saves time for the installer
  • Wireless Genesis keypad and keyfob available for easy remote set and unset of alarms
  • IP66 weather rated and Grade 2 compliant


Genesis 2 Wireless (LG2WP) is completely wire-free with a robust wireless transmission range of up to 1km. A battery life of up to two years is achieved by using advanced power saving technology which does not hinder performance, even when the batteries are running down.


Genesis 2 Hardwired (LG2HW) is powered from an external power supply and has a variable input voltage range from 12 volts to 24 volts AC or DC. There are two optically isolated relay contacts that provide alarm and tamper.

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Lens Patterns

Technical Specifications