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New software solution for SMTP to HTTP

The MHconverter software is a new feature of the Genesis IP masthead and decodes notification information such as an alarm type or number and sends a pre-configured message to a server or NVR.  Messages to the server are totally configurable by the user and can be tested in a browser before committing to the integral database in MHconverter.  Any HTTP GET / POST alert that can be tested in a browser can be assigned to any alarm type or number.

This free software, available to download from the Luminite website will allow users of Genesis PIR detectors to send alarm and tamper alerts to almost any platform currently using HTTP GET / POST requests.  The database holds up to 35,000 events which can be searched.

Digifort is the latest integration with Genesis to use this new program.

Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite Electronics commented ‘We are delighted to be able to offer this new software to our installers and end users.  The system has proven to be very user friendly and we can see that the application has multiple uses and greatly increases the integration possibilities for the Genesis system.