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Battery Powered Voice Annunciator with speaker and flashing LED lights.

Powered by two lithium batteries, the Alertex NXVS Voice Annunciator works with all other Alertex units to provide a site wide audible alert for lockdown, fire, or any other hazard.

Units are already loaded with a range of pre-recorded messages, including Lockdown, Security Breach, All Clear and First Aid. Additionally, users can record their own messages and send them to Luminite for processing. The processed files will then be returned where the user can upload them to the NXVS unit via USB.   The memory size is 16MB which can store around 3 minutes of sound files.  Messages can be changed during an event so, for example, an all-clear can be given after a lockdown alert message.  This function requires the Alertex PC app.

The NXVS is fitted with white flashing strobe lights which automatically turn on when the system is activated – this feature can be over-ridden if required.  A hard-wired call point can be connected directly if needed or alternatively a wireless call point may be used.

The sound clarity is of CD quality with an adjustable decibel level up to 100dBa depending on vocalisation.  The annunciator is fully waterproof and is suitable for internal and external use including damp locations such as swimming pools.  NXVS units can also be used to form a standalone, rapidly deployable wireless speaker system for events, shopping centres, heritage sites and car parks to name but a few applications.

Pre-Loaded Sound Files

Lockdown Alarm

Security Breach

All Clear

First Aid - No Alarm Sound

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements 2 x 3.6v Saft LSH20 lithium D cells (not supplied) with up to 2 years battery life
Receiver Frequency 434.525MHz
Wireless Range Up to 1km line of sight per mesh hop
Transmitter Power 10mW
Speaker Power 15W / 8 ohm
Flash Memory 16MB (equates to around 3 minutes of sound
Aerial Supplied with 50 ohm helical
Site/Unit Code 32 site codes / 64 unit codes
Decibel Level Typically 100dBa - can be adjusted
LED Colour White Only
Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C
Weather Rating IP66
Housing Enclosure - ABS, Speaker - ASA
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 110mm + Aerial 72mm
Weight 600g