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OCULi Online: How To Add A New Unit

Adding New Units

1) The Units tab will self-populate once the OCULi unit has powered up and it has made a successful connection to the server.

2) You can amend the name, assigned site, power-saving mode, and PIR sensitivity of the unit once it has made its first connection.

*The suggested power saving mode setting for optimal performance is 6, but may be changed according to your site requirements.

3) The Heartbeat frequency determines how often an OCULi unit will connect to the server to update its status and settings. Heartbeat events can be automatically compiled into a TimeLine event. Both the Heartbeat frequency and scheduled time can be configured.

  • Weekly Heartbeats will connect to the server daily to produce a TimeLine event over the course of 7 days.
  • Daily Heartbeats will connect to the server hourly to produce a TimeLine event over the course of 24 hours.
*Any changes you make to the arming schedule or unit parameters will not be implemented on the device until it connects to the next Heartbeat.

4) Once all of the necessary modifications to the unit have been made, make sure you save the settings, otherwise, all of the changes will be lost and the device will be restored to its previous setting.