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OCULi Online: How To Add A New User

Adding New Users

1) When you create an OCULi online account, the first user created will be made with the details used to sign up and will be assigned the Manager role by default.

2) Click on the Add user button.

3) Fill in the required fields and set up an email address and password for the new user.

4) The new user can be assigned the role of ‘manager’ or an ‘operator’. Operators can only view events and get notifications, whilst Managers can make changes to all settings within the portal.

5) Click the ‘Save User’ button to create the new user. The user should now appear in the Users list.

*Using an ampersand '&' in either your email address or password can cause login difficulties. If this happens, please call us at 020 8368 7887 to fix the issue.

6) To add a new user to an existing site, go to the Sites tab and select the appropriate site. Select their name from the list of users underneath ‘Assign A User To Site’ and then click ‘Add Role To Site’. Once the user has been added they will be displayed in the list of assigned users under the heading ‘Site notification for the user’.

7) After the user has been allocated, click the settings option to select which notifications they will get via the online portal, email, and/or mobile phone app. Notifications can be enabled or disabled.

8) After the user has been assigned and notifications have been set-up, click the Save Site button. The new user can now access the web portal using their own login credentials.