IMPORTANT NOTICE – As of 23/06/2023, you will no longer be able to access – Please use to access the OCULi web portal.

Why Choose Luminite?

Luminite products have been designed and manufactured in the UK for the past 40 years.

We pride ourselves on providing robust and reliable equipment for any scenario.

Our on-site UK tech support is ready to help you, whatever your query.

OCULi HD is battery-powered HD 4G PIR camera that connects to a powerful web portal to provide rapid visual verification of detection events. It is suitable for areas with no power or evolving sites that require a robust, all-in-one security solution. OCULi HD is ideal for construction sites, vacant properties, fly-tipping hotspots, solar farms and utility sites.

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OCULi HD is fitted with a powerful 5MP camera and can be set to send images in VGA, HD or Full HD quality. 

The PIR detector provides wide-angle, long range coverage of 30m x 20m that falls within the camera’s field of view so that events are not missed.

A powerful IR sensor enables OCULi HD to take clear night-time images in areas with no additional light source.

The OCULi web portal is a powerful browser based monitoring platform that allows you to monitor and control your OCULi HD units remotely.

In the portal, you can adjust detection and camera settings with ease, download and view captured footage, and set up users and notifications. You can easily track your allocated SIMs and their usage from the admin tab.

The OCULi mobile app is available for iOS and Android and allows users to receive push notifications and view events within seconds of a detection.

OCULi HD is compatible with many popular CMS monitoring platforms such as Webeye, IMMIX and …

The OCULi API can also be provided for integration with other platforms.

Horn Speaker

OCULi HD has a speaker output that supports various audio challenge features. When used with our horn speaker, OCULi HD provides two-way audio communication following a detection event. Automatic sounder challenge features can be enabled and prompt the speaker to play a pre-recorded audible alert immediately after registering a detection event. 

Solar Kit

The OCULi HD solar kit comprises an A4 size solar panel, adaptor, rechargeable batteries and a wall bracket.  Some of the new features available with OCULi HD require a solar kit to be installed. Live streaming of events, for example, and the ability to request more footage would be too power hungry if used with traditional lithium batteries. The obvious advantage of using a solar kit is that it greatly reduces battery costs and maintenance call-outs.

Magnetic Mount

OCULi HD is a rapidly deployable security solution for difficult sites where power may be compromised.  Using a magnetic mount means you can quickly attach the unit to any metal pole or fence without the need for fixings.  The round disc is fitted with 12 strong magnets and is suitable for outside use.

As standard, OCULi HD runs on 2 x Lithium D cells and boasts an impressive 6 month battery life with normal use.

For a longer term power solution that allows OCULi HD to make regular use of more power intensive features, such as live streaming, OCULi HD can be used with our solar kit, complete with rechargeable batteries.

Alertex is a battery-powered wireless critical alert system. It requires no additional equipment besides a master unit to reset the system post activation. Alertex is a mix and match system that can be customised to your sites’ requirements. It is rapidly deployable with a 2 year battery life and requires no wires or cabling.

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Up to 64 units can be used per system. The 64 total units must include one master unit to manually reset the system post activation.

When used with an IP masthead receiver, multiple Alertex systems can be fed through to the Alertex PC app on separate site codes.

The Alertex system can be comprised of the following units:

  • Call-point with Sounder/Beacon
  • Sounder/Beacon
  • Voice Annunciator
  • Call-point only
  • Keyfob
  • Smoke/Heat Detector

Both internal and external variants are available.

The Alertex system operates using a robust wireless mesh protocol that allows units to act as repeaters, potentially boosting the wireless range to a maximum of 16km line of sight over 16 mesh hops.

The maximum wireless range between units is 1km line of sight.

The Alertex PC app works in conjunction with the Genesis IP masthead to provide users with a means of monitoring and controlling their Alertex units from one central location.

Users can see which unit was initially activated, the units currently transmitting, and any units presenting errors.

The Alertex Fire Alert system is ideal for temporary or evolving sites, i.e. construction and utility sites, that require a robust alert to fire. As it is fully portable and wire-free, it can be installed quickly and simply without the need for civil works.

Fire Alert units comply with current HSE Fire Safety Guidelines (HSG168) regarding audible and visual alerts to fire on construction sites.

The Alertex Lockdown system is designed to give a clear alert in the event of an activation. Lockdown units are visually and audibly distinct from fire alert units to minimise disruption and confusion.

Lockdown units comply with official Ofsted lockdown procedure guidelines that fall in line with advice from NaCTSO, which state that ‘the use of fire alarms should be avoided to reduce incorrect responses to an incident’.

Alertex units fitted with a sounder or voice annunciator run on 2 x Lithium D cells and boast an impressive 2 year battery life with normal use. Low battery alerts can be set up when the system is used with the Genesis IP masthead and PC app.

Genesis PIR detectors are some of the most powerful detectors on the market. With a robust wireless transmission range of up to 1km line of sight that can be extended with aerials and repeaters, powerful pyros and black mirror optics, simple set-up and testing, remote arming and easy integration with popular NVRs and DVRs, Genesis PIR detectors are the ultimate addition to any security set up.

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Genesis 1 is a versatile PIR detector that uses sophisticated signal processing and optics to minimise nuisance alarms caused by the sun, shadows and reflections. It features various lens patterns for a range of applications and is available in both wireless and hardwired variants.

Genesis 1 Lens Patterns

  • 12m horizontal curtain
  • 12m vertical curtain
  • 15m medium range wide angle
  • 30m long range wide angle
  • 40m long range narrow beam

Genesis 2 is a covert PIR detector which uses advanced black mirror optics and quad element pyro sensors for highly responsive, accurate detection with excellent false alarm immunity. It features various lens patterns with up to 60m detection range and is available in both wireless and hardwired variants.

Genesis 2 Lens Patterns

  • 30m long range wide angle
  • 60m long range narrow beam

Genesis wireless detectors boast an impressive 1km line of sight wireless transmission range that can be extended with the use of an AE434 aerial. This allows Genesis units to tackle difficult terrain with ease.

Hardwired units connect to the masthead via an ethernet or RS232 cable.

Genesis integrates with several popular NVR and DVR brands:

  • Dahua
  • Hikvision
  • Immix
  • Concept Pro
  • Uniview
  • Mobotix

Wireless Genesis PIR detectors can achieve a battery life of up to 2 years with normal use due to their impressive power saving technology that doesn’t affect performance, even when the battery level is low.

Hardwired Genesis 1 PIR detectors are powered from an external 12 volt power supply. Hardwired Genesis 2 units have a variable input voltage range from 12 volts to 24 volts AC or DC.

When used with the LGMRU4x4 receiver, the Genesis keyfob can be used to arm/disarm alarms, and remotely control doors and gates whilst conforming to BS8418.

The Genesis wireless keypad allows remote arming and disarming of alarms with the use of a pin number. The keypad can communicate with an IP masthead using either an ethernet or RS232 cable.

The Genesis Walk Test Instrument is an invaluable tool when it comes to setting up and testing a wireless PIR system that receives signals directly from the PIR detectors and mastheads for fast accurate set up of detection zones.

The battery powered sounder will play one of 32 different alarm sounds with a volume of up to 117 decibels alongside a flashing beacon. A built-in timer silences the sounder post-activation. The sounder is available in red or blue.

The LGTX434 transmitter module enables other detection products to interface with the Genesis wireless system such as active infra-red beams and door contacts.

The LGRM8 & LGRM8ELR relay modules can be fitted to an LGRU16 or LGRU16ELR to provide an extra 8 alarm and 8 tamper contacts.

The LG2AB Angle Bracket allows the detector to be mounted at 90° to the wall, or back-to-back as shown in the picture.

This external aerial is supplied with a mounting bracket and 5 metres of coaxial cable with 50 ohm BNC connector and can be used with the LGMT434 Masthead or LGMRU4X4 to achieve maximum reception range.

The LGRU16 & LGRU16ELR control interface relay units provide physical alarm and tamper outputs for DVR and Alarm systems.

The Masthead Receiver forms the core of a Genesis wireless system. Its purpose is to receive alarm data from Genesis wireless PIRs, beams and other sensors and pass it to a control unit (LGRU16) or compatible device via a RS232 link or USB for remote configuration using a laptop or PC.

This alternative to the LGMT434 Masthead Receiver but has the addition of relay outputs which can be connected directly to the alarm pre-sets of a PTZ camera.

The Genesis IP Masthead has all the features of the standard LGMT434 Masthead but with the enhancement of IP connectivity for Plug & Play alarm integrations and email system alerts.

EasySwitch is a range of wireless transmitters and receivers for commercial and domestic applications. EasySwitch is suitable for hundreds of scenarios; mix and match products to create your perfect system.

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ESD.30 provides covert coverage over a 30m, wide angle detection range. Sliding internal curtains and an adjustable pan and tilt lens mount inside the unit allow you to discreetly cover and angle or mask off areas without it being obvious from the unit exterior. It is weatherproof to IP55 standard.

15m x 90° medium range, wide angle PIR detector, weatherproof to IP65 standard

40m x 1° long range, narrow beam PIR detector, weatherproof to IP65 standard

12m x 90° horizontal curtain PIR detector, weatherproof to IP65 standard

Specially designed for retro control of HVAC systems the EST4HVAC is the ideal wireless solution where mains cabling is difficult or impractical. This model is mains voltage powered and designed so that it can easily interface to various control devices that have mains signal outputs. Weatherproof to IP66 standard.

The EST.1 is a wireless switching transmitter designed to be fitted behind a conventional wall-switch. It is battery-powered and requires no cabling. Not weatherproof.

ESF.1, ESF.4
The ESF single or quad button keyfob operate ESR.1 and ESR.4 receivers. Not weatherproof.

ESR.1 v2
A mains-powered on/off switching transmitter that has a switching capacity of up to 1KW and operates a variety of devices such as electric motors, gates and doors, garden lighting and water features. It has a 100m line of sight wireless range to any EasySwitch transmitter and is weatherproof to IP66 standard.

A 12-volt on/off switching transmitter with a single relay that has a switching capacity of up to 1KW and operates a variety of devices such as electric motors, gates and doors, garden lighting and water features. It has a 100m line of sight wireless range to any EasySwitch transmitter and is weatherproof to IP66 standard.

Mains-powered switching transmitter with four relays that has a switching capacity of up to 1KW per relay. Can operate a variety of devices such as electric motors, gates and doors, garden lighting and water features. It has a 100m line of sight wireless range to any EasySwitch transmitter and is weatherproof to IP66 standard.

5-24-volts DC switching transmitter with eight relays that has a switching capacity of up to 1KW per relay. The number of zones can be expanded to a total of 16 by adding an ESEM8 expander module onto the PCB. Can operate a variety of devices such as electric motors, gates and doors, garden lighting and water features. It has a 500m line of sight wireless range, expandable to 1km with use of an AE434 external aerial, and is weatherproof to IP66 standard.

Mains-powered bleeper that gives an audible bleep each time it receives a valid signal from an EasySwitch PIR detector or keyfob positioned up to 100m line of sight away. Internal use only.

Our Boundary Shield battery-powered wireless IR beams are fitted with Genesis transmitters and are compatible with all Genesis wireless products. Active beams come in two detection ranges (60m & 100m) and with either fixed or adjustable frequency control to avoid cross talk between beams.

BSAXBT (360°) & BSAXWMT (180°)
Beam towers for AX and SL models
Single-sided tower base – for use with the BSAXWMT tower when the ground is soft
Double-sided tower base – for use with the BSAXBT tower when the ground is soft
Adaptor kit for tower mounting BSSL350 beams
Mounting kit for BSAX dual beams only
Mounting kit for BSSL quad beams only

SAFT 3.6-volt lithium D cell battery (each beam requires 4 batteries)