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The Complete List Of OCULi Accessories

Horn Speaker

OCULi HD (LO15HD4GE) the wireless HD PIR camera from Luminite now comes with increased speaker functionality. When connected to one of our horn speakers, OCULi HD can now deliver the following functions using the new Live Services section of the portal.

Voice Challenge

When Voice Challenge is selected in the OCULi portal, the modem stays online for 3 minutes after an event, allowing users to phone the unit and make a live voice challenge to the site. Alternatively, users can contact the unit via a mobile phone web browser (not the app).  Users can call the unit any number of times during the 3 minutes.

Sounder Automatic

This new feature, when selected on the portal, will sound an alert every time the OCULi HD unit has an event.  Users can select how many times they wish the sounder to enunciate between 2, 10 or 25 times.  This can be overridden, but changes will only take effect the next time the unit connects in. The sounder lasts for 8 seconds, and you can choose to enunciate separate messages for PIR detection and external trigger activation.  Messages can also be set to repeat several times.

Sounder Standby

This is another new feature which allows users to activate a sounder up to 5 minutes after an event.  Users can choose a sound from the dropdown menu on the OCULi portal or they can record their own by using the free to use Audacity audio editor.

Solar Kit

The OCULi HD solar kit comprises an A4 size solar panel, adaptor, rechargeable batteries and a wall bracket.  Some of the new features available with OCULi HD require a solar kit to be installed. Live streaming of events, for example, and the ability to request more footage would be too power hungry if used with traditional lithium batteries. The obvious advantage of using a solar kit is that it greatly reduces battery costs and maintenance call-outs.

Magnetic Mount

OCULi HD is a rapidly deployable security solution for difficult sites where power may be compromised.  Using a magnetic mount means you can quickly attach the unit to any metal pole or fence without the need for fixings.  The round disc is fitted with 12 strong magnets and is suitable for outside use.

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