Become An Approved Alertex Installer

Luminite Approved Alertex Installers are accredited to install Alertex Lockdown and Fire systems to the highest standard.

Why Choose Alertex From Luminite?

Luminite has over 45 years experience in manufacturing wireless security solutions.

Alertex offers a robust, wireless critical alert system for a multitude of sites.

We have a strong brand name and are recognised for reliable, quality products within the security trade.

All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Why Does Luminite Offer The Approved Installer Scheme?

We want to provide schools and property developers with peace of mind when they are sourcing or installing a critical alert system for their premises.

If you are a part of our Approved Installer Scheme these sectors can rest assured that you are knowledgeable and experienced with the Alertex range and that you have access to equipment to help survey a site prior to installation.

What Do You Get From The Approved Installer Scheme?

As an approved installer you will be placed on our online database which is made available to sectors requiring a lockdown system for the education sector or a robust wireless fire solution for the  construction industry.  We regularly carry out regional marketing campaigns to these sectors and will make available all such marketing material for your own operations.

You will have access to our wide range of test equipment at a heavily discounted price to enable you to carry out site surveys.

There are no on-going costs involved to become an Approved Installer. Once you have carried out the initial training with us, installed at least one system and received certification you will automatically be added to the database.

You will be prioritised to receive information on any new additions to the Alertex range.

* Contact us for access to test equipment pricing

Access To The Approved Installer Scheme

Entry to the scheme should first be made via your distributor or by emailing Luminite direct or telephone 0208 368 7887.

You must be able to demonstrate at least 3 years’ experience working within the industry and show proof of your affiliation with a recognised electrical or security national organisation.

Once you have completed your first Alertex installation you will be placed on our online database and receive our Approved Installer certificate which you can show on your website and other material.