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The ALERTEX Fire Alert system is a wireless alert system, ideal for temporary or evolving sites, i.e. construction and utility sites, that require a robust alert to fire. As it is fully portable and wire-free, it can be installed quickly and simply without the need for civil works.

ALERTEX Fire Alert units comply with current HSE Fire Safety Guidelines (HSG168) regarding audible and visual alerts to fire on construction sites. There are 32 different alert sounds to choose from that are accompanied by a visual flashing beacon light.

Sounder/Beacon with Call-Point

The ALERTEX call-point with either a sounder/beacon is a staple in any setup. When the call-point button on the unit is pressed, all units on the same site within 1km will be activated. The master variant is fitted with a reset key which will deactivate  the ALERTEX system post-activation. External units have an IP66 weather rating and are both water and dust resistant.

Sounder/Beacon Only

The ALERTEX sounder/beacon can play one of 32 different alert sounds, and is paired with a flashing beacon. The unit features no call point and is activated when a call-point or keyfob on the same site is triggered. The volume of the sounder is adjustable up to 117 dB.

Annunciator Only

The NXVS Voice Annunciator provides a site wide audible alert for lockdown, fire, or any other hazard. Users can choose from a library of prerecorded sound or voice messages, or they can record their own. Crucially, an ‘All Clear’ can be sounded post event.  The NXVS is fitted with white flashing strobe lights which automatically turn on when the system is activated.


Wireless Call-Point Only

The ALERTEX wireless call-point can activate any ALERTEX sounder or annunciator / beacon units on the same site within a 500m radius. It requires no wires or cabling and is battery operated.


Wireless Heat & Smoke Detectors

ALERTEX Smoke and Heat detectors are designed for use with the ALERTEX Wireless Critical Alert System. They feature a sealed-in battery with up to 10 years of battery life and have a wireless transmission range of 100m. ALERTEX Smoke is approved to EN15604:2005 and ALERTEX Heat is approved to BS5446-2:2003.

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements 2 x 3.6v lithium D cells
Battery Life Up to 2 years with low battery alert via masthead
Receiver Frequency 434.525 Mhz
Reception Range Up to 1km line of sight per mesh hop
Transmitter Power 10 MW
Aerial Supplied with 50 ohm helical
Site Codes 32
Unit Codes 64
Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C
Weather Rating IP66 for external units / IP54 for internal units
Housing Enclosure & sounder ABS, call-point polycarbonate
Decibel Level Adjustable from 86 dBa to 117 dBa
Sounder Operating Frequency 440 - 2900 Hz