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Wireless PIR Detector/Transmitter

Powered by one PP3 9 volt battery, this PIR detector will remotely operate lighting and audible warning when used with the appropriate receiver. ESR.1, ESR.2, ESR.4, ESB.1 & ESA.1. 

Lighting control receivers will only operate between dawn and dusk whereas the ESB.1 bleeper can operate during the day only or night only or day and night. An adjustable timer controls the lighting. The lighting can still be over-ridden by ESF.1 and EST.1 transmitters.

ESD.1 – 15m x 90 deg Standard
ESD.2 – 40m x 1 deg Long range
ESD.3 – 12m x 90 deg Horizontal curtain.

Detection Patterns

Features and Specifications

Detector lens15mx20m40x4.5m12m horizontal curtain
Day night modeYesYesYes
Highly secure digital FM codeYesYesYes
Transmission range100m100m100m
Power9 Volt PP3 (not supplied)9 Volt PP3 (not supplied)9 Volt PP3 (not supplied)
Adjustable timer5 secs to 10 mins5 secs to 10 mins5 secs to 10 mins
Licence ExemptYesYesYes
Enclosure: Weatherproof to IP65YesYesYes
Temperature range: -10 °C to +55 °CYesYesYes