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Wireless 12 Volt On/Off Receiver

The ON/OFF EasySwitch receiver is designed for outdoor use and is weatherproof to IP66. With up to 1KW switch capacity, they can operate a variety of devices such as electric motors, gates and doors, garden lighting, water features and much more.

Volt free relay contacts provide the means of switching which makes it very versatile.

Three switching modes are set by pcb jumper. Single switch, Two way switch and Mimic mode for momentary contact closure. In this mode the relay will change state for the duration that the key fob button is depressed. This is ideal for electric doors etc.

The ESR.2 ON/OFF EasySwitch receiver is powered by 12 volts DC.

Features and Specifications

Supply voltage 12 volts DC
Highly secure digital FM code
Learns up to 16 transmitters
Three selectable modes: Single switch, Two way switch and Mimic mode
Switching capacity 1000 watts resistive 240 watts inductive
Volt free change over relay contacts
The memory is non volatile and will not be lost if the power fails
Reception range 100-150 metres line of sight
Licence exempt
Temperature range: -10°C to +55 °C