Genesis 2 Detectors On Rapid Deployment Towers

Rapid deployment towers are now a common sight on construction and utility sites across the country due to a marked increase in criminal activity and theft of plant equipment, cable, and metal.

Luminite Electronics have been supplying Orbis Protect with PIR detectors for their rapid deployment towers for over 10 years.  Orbis are market leaders in the rapid deployment CCTV space and enjoy an enviable reputation for manufacturing highly advanced and reliable towers.  Working primarily with construction, infrastructure, and utility sites, Orbis offer a variety of towers which have been designed to be erected even over the most difficult terrains.  At 7m tall the towers are highly visible and provide 24-hour surveillance of a site with instant access to real-time HD footage of any alarm event.

Notable customers describe Orbis towers as the “best in class solution for rapid CCTV tower deployment” and “undoubtedly the most advanced and reliable products in the market”.

Genesis 2 PIR detectors were specifically chosen to be fitted on to recent towers as they provide the most robust and reliable capability with a detection range of up to 60 metres.  Their design ensures that intruders cannot see which direction the internal sensors are facing and there are no external movable parts to be potentially vandalised.  The detectors are fitted with coated optical mirrors and quad pyro sensors to alleviate false activations and have a two-year battery life.  The Genesis IP Bridge can monitor up to 64 detectors, so 16 towers, and connects to the Orbis monitoring station.  The detectors are used on all Ultra, Max and Lite towers which are built in-house by Orbis’s team of skilled engineers.

For more details on Genesis PIR detectors call Luminite on 0208 368 7887 or to talk about their range of towers contact Orbis Protect on 08000 830 850