Genesis Case Study

Genesis 2 Detectors On Smartwatch Towers

Rapid deployment towers are now a common sight on construction and utility sites, vacant properties and as a traffic management solution for the safety of road workers. The towers are highly visible and are monitored remotely meaning cost savings on the use of traditional manned guarding.

Luminite Electronics have been supplying Smartwatch Solutions with PIR detectors for their rapid deployment towers and fixed CCTV systems for a number of years as they provide reliable and robust motion detection.  They appear on a number of Smartwatch Solutions projects, from simple solar towers for small sites up to the Virtual Guard fixed CCTV systems used for larger high-end projects. 

These towers are completely standalone so the wireless Genesis 2 PIRs were an obvious choice to compliment the tower’s high definition IP CCTV system.  Once motion is detected from up to 60 metres away, Smartwatch control room staff are alerted and assess each activation.  They can make a live audio warning, contact the police and dispatch a mobile responder to incidents, all within their offering to end users.

The design of Genesis 2 detectors ensures that intruders cannot see which direction the internal sensors are facing and there are no external movable parts to be potentially vandalised.  The detectors are fitted with coated optical mirrors and quad pyro sensors to alleviate false activations and have a two year battery life. 

Smartwatch Solutions supply a range of security services across the UK and count Balfour Beatty and United Utilities amongst their clientele.

For more information on Genesis 2 PIR detectors contact Luminite on 0208 368 7887 or for rapid deployment towers and fixed CCTV contact Smartwatch Solutions on 0344 576 0221.