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How To Detect An Intruder On The Driveway

You will need an EasySwitch PIR detector.  There are two styles to choose from.   The 15 metre ESD1 is popular for this application and is powered from a PP3 9-volt battery and has a 15-metre x 90° field of view.

Alternatively, there is the ESD30 which has a detection range of up to 30 metres (adjustable) by 90 degrees and is powered from four AA batteries.  

Affix the detector so that it looks back towards the house for best performance so that it can detect more activity across the face of the property despite any projections such as bay windows and porches.

These detectors have built-in transmitters which can be paired to one or more receivers.

There are several receivers in the EasySwitch range but for simple applications like this, the ESR1 single circuit switching receiver will suffice.

There is a plug-in mains bleeper (ESB1) that can operate even during daylight hours to act as an indication of persons approaching.  This receiver can work in conjunction with other receivers from one or more PIR detectors.

The Receivers must be paired to the detectors. This is a very simple process and involves simply pressing a couple of buttons – full instructions are sent with each product.

The detector has a day/night mode and so the lighting receiver will only operate at night however the plug-in bleeper can be made to operate both day and night regardless.

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