Key Differences Between OCULi HD And Other Wireless PIR Cameras

OCULi HD - The Standalone Security Solution

No other equipment is required for OCULi HD such as a base station, hub or bridge.  This equipment is required for RSi, Reconeyez and Ajax MotionCam.  OCULi HD is completely standalone.  Whilst hubs need one sim for multiple cameras, the local wireless communication to any base station can be compromised or delayed due to the usual low power wireless limitations meaning that images are not relayed as quickly.  OCULi HD is not reliant on local low power wireless or wi-fi and as such can connect and upload large data files extremely quickly.

The facility for OCULi HD end-users to choose their own camera resolution to view images is unique. The resolution can be set from VGA to Full HD. It is worth noting that VGA is already 4 times the clarity of RSI (320 x 240). Ajax MotionCam offers 1-5 images at 320 x 176 resolution and the option of up to 3 images at 640 x 352.  OCULi HD users can choose to view events in 640 x 480 (VGA), 1280 x 720 (HD) or 1920 x 1080 (Full HD).

Each OCULI unit requires one SIM per unit so there is no ‘queueing’. The typical download time for an event using OCULI is around 20 seconds.  If SIMs are going over their agreed data tariff they will automatically be laddered up to the next tariff with no disruption to service.

OCULI is supported by an online portal that allows users to configure a host of functions including arming schedules, sensitivity settings, battery and data usage.  You can assign a hierarchy of users and can add different sites.  This can act as a full monitoring platform so end users are not forced to use an ARC.  The ability to change the arming schedule and adjust sensitivity remotely means fewer site visits.

Reconeyez claims a battery life of 400 days or 50,000 events. Such claims are contentious as battery life will always depend on how often the device is triggered.  We state a broad battery life of 6 – 9 months with the aid of an online battery indicator.  Models can also support rechargeable batteries when used in conjunction with a solar panel saving users money on replacement batteries.

OCULi HD uses an optional UHF module for local wireless communication with devices such as Arm/Disarm key fobs and keypads.  Using the well-renowned Genesis frequency and protocol means that wireless distances up to 1Km are achievable for instantaneous remote control.   This is not to be confused with the 868 MHz frequency that RSI, Reconeyez and Ajax use for video transmission to the hub.

Audio/sounder challenge is another unique feature whereby end users can choose via the portal whether they wish to employ audio or sounder challenge. With audio challenge, upon activation, the line of communication between the unit and portal will remain open for 2-3 minutes allowing a real-time voice challenge.  Sounder challenge also works on activation and plays a pre-recorded alert or message. Both functions require a horn speaker to be fitted.

The PIR element of OCULi HD units is superior to all competitors employing quad sensors rather than dual.  You can also select AND / OR gating for a more sensitive detection pattern.

In terms of protection against vandalism, OCULi HD reports a host of tampers via the portal and app including anti-masking, cloaking and movement.

Finally, OCULi units are designed and fully manufactured in the UK.

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