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New Additions to the Genesis Range

* * * New to the Genesis range * * *

The new Genesis key fob (LGKF4) works in conjunction with our improved masthead receiver LGMRU4x4 (see below for details).  Using the key fob to indicate the set or unset status means that the alarm system conforms to BS8418.

Up to 16 Genesis key fobs can be learned to the receiver allowing a number of site users to control the detectors.

You can also use the key fob for the remote control of doors and gates by assigning it to one of the AUX relays on the receiver.  This function can also be used to give a visual indication of the Set / Unset status.

Use to set / unset alarm system
Remote control of doors / gates
When used, system conforms to BS8418

The new version of the receiver with relays (LGMRU4x4v2) features push buttons and an LED display for easy programming.  The new version has also been fitted with two AUX relays so that you can group alarms or tampers.

You can also use one of the AUX relays to operate as an open and close contact with the above key fob to set and unset your alarm system.

An expansion module is available (LGREM4x4v2) providing a further 8 relays.  The external inhibit feature allows you to connect a switch to set and unset the system as an alternative to the key fob.

Push button for easy programming
AUX relays to group alarms or tampers  
Can be expanded to 16 relays