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OCULi Online: How To Create A New Site

Adding New Sites

1) A default site will be created in the Sites tab after the unit has successfully connected to the server. This default site is meant to be used for creating other sites.

2) To create a new site, click on the default site and adjust the settings according to your site needs. All of the red box fields must be changed from their default values.

3) Scroll down and select the ‘Site has Master Schedule’.

4) To add a new user to the site, select their name from the list of users underneath ‘Assign A User To Site’ and then click ‘Add Role To Site’. Once the user has been added, they will be added to the list of assigned users under the heading ‘Site notification for the user’.

5) After the user has been allocated, click the settings option to select which notifications they will get via the online portal, email, and/or mobile phone app. Notifications can be enabled or disabled.

6) After making the required adjustments, type the new site name and click Save Site. A new site with the desired name should appear in the list of sites.