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OCULi Online: How To Set Up The Arming Schedule

Setting the Arming Schedule

1) Arming schedules can be set for individual units or for entire sites. To arm an individual unit, select the unit in the Units tab. To arm an entire site, select the site in the Sites tab.

*To force the site to override the arming schedules of individual units, tick the check-box that says ‘Site has Master Schedule’.

2) Scroll down to ‘Set Arming for each day of the week’. From the weekday drop-down menu, select the day you want to adjust the arming schedule for.

3) To set the schedule to 24 hours a day/7 days a week, click the 24/7 button. The arming schedule will automatically adjust.

4) To add new arming schedule parameters, click on ‘Add new alarm’ to add a new on/off parameter. You can set a maximum of 3 on/off parameters per day.

  • 00:00 represents 12am at the start of the day, and 24:00 represents 12am at the end of the day
  • To have your OCULi units detect continuously through the night, ensure that the arming schedule always arms from 00:00 on each day.
  • In this example, the arming schedule is set to arm at 12am and disarm at 8am. It then arms again at 5pm and disarms at midnight.

5) You can copy the arming schedule of a particular day to another day of the week by selecting the day in the ‘Copy to’ drop-down menu and clicking on ‘Copy’.

6) You can delete an On/Off parameter by clicking the red ‘X’ button to the right.

7) Once the arming schedule is defined, click on either ‘Save Site’ or ‘Save Unit’ to set it. The arming schedule will update when the unit next connects to the server on either a Heartbeat, Detection or Tamper event.