Preparing An Effective Security Plan For Music Festivals And Outdoor Events

The beginning of the year is historically a busy time for security companies to prepare risk assessments for Spring / Summer festivals and outdoor events. Carrying out a risk assessment for events on a temporary site are always fraught with difficulties and security at the event can present an installer with particular problems. Most music festivals are held outside with no existing infrastructure in place so creating a comprehensive security package is challenging.

Whatever the size of the event the security company’s aim is to provide an all-encompassing service for the safety of attendees and staff. Static and mobile security patrols are obvious at public events but thought should also be given to rapidly deployable cameras where traditional CCTV cannot be used due to power constraints. How do you protect a restricted area for example? What about the site perimeter? Can you assure your client that all parts of the site are monitored? Apart from security measures risks have to be assessed around electrical and fire hazards, crew safety, over-crowding and inclement weather. Is the site accessible for all festival-goers? Are there enough transport links? Has the impact on the local community been considered? How will liaison with emergency services occur? What are the prohibited items for the site?

OCULi HD devices can be rapidly deployed wherever needed on a festival site. The units are standalone and do not have to be connected to a bridge, wi-fi, power or ethernet. Just insert batteries or connect to a solar kit and point the device where needed. When motion is detected, in a restricted area for example, OCULi HD will immediately start filming a short clip which is available for security staff to view in seconds via the OCULi app or portal. When powered by solar, OCULi HD offers live streaming of events, making OCULi HD a true off-grid solution

Events can be viewed in VGA, HD, full HD or 5MP and a wireless speaker can be attached to play an automatic warning message when the PIR is triggered as an extra deterrent. There are two detection variants available – 15 metres out and 20 metres across or 40 metres out and 4 metres across, perfect for a long alley or passageway. OCULi HD units are robust and IP66 rated so will work in all weather conditions.

For more information on OCULi HD please contact Laura Grainger on 0208 368 7887 or email laura@luminite.co.uk