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Security Risks For Solar Farms

With the demand for renewable energy ever increasing, the number of solar, wind farms and hydroelectric plants will grow.  Given the nature of these sites – highly visible, outdoor and large – theft and vandalism are constant threats, particularly for solar farms where panels and cable are portable and highly desirable. 

Securing outdoor spaces is notoriously challenging for farmers and landowners who house these large solar grids in isolated fields.  Power for CCTV is an obvious restriction and traditional security patrols may require expensive off-road vehicles for access.  Often left unattended overnight, solar farms in remote locations have endured repeat thefts as criminals become familiar with the site and its limited security measures.

OCULi HD is a popular solution for such sites as they can be battery or solar powered and are rapidly deployable with no civil works required.  When movement is detected OCULi HD will start recording with a short uploaded video ready to view within 30 seconds.  Units can be monitored via an ARC or devices can be self-monitored using the powerful OCULi portal. With a choice of detection ranges from 15m with a wide-angle lens or 40m with a telephoto lens, units can be strategically placed across a site.  The addition of speakers, which can be set to sound automatically on detection or via live voice challenge, add an extra layer of protection.  Many solar panels are also being forensically marked which also acts as a powerful deterrent.

For more information on OCULi HD for solar farm security, contact Laura Grainger on 0208 368 7887 or email

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