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The Advantages Of Using Genesis CCTV Towers

Theft of construction equipment, machinery, building material and red diesel costs the industry over £800 million every year.  The problem is worsening with over 92% of participants in a recent survey of industry professionals reporting that they experienced theft on a regular basis.

Manned guarding is a costly solution, and many construction companies now invest in portable CCTV towers that can be moved around an evolving site.  Such towers are also used on utility sites, vacant properties, car parks and on highway and rail security to name but a few applications.

Genesis PIR detectors are a popular choice on many towers as they offer features that enhance the reliability and all-round performance of these surveillance units.  When fitted to a tower Genesis PIR detectors provide a robust solution with alarm and tamper relays.  Using quad pyro PIR detectors on a tower will also help with false alarms as they offer immunity to the most common triggers such as sunlight and inclement weather. Genesis integrates with several security software platforms as well as popular CCTV cameras from Hikvision, Dahua, Concept Pro and others.

Genesis 2 detectors have the added feature of a 60-metre detection range and can be used in conjunction with lighting control on sites as a further deterrent. With a new magnetic mount and with the robust wireless capability of Genesis PIR detectors, it is quick and easy to deploy them away from the tower.

Also available for this evolving market are wireless OCULi HD visual verification PIR cameras.   Users can remotely select their camera resolution, arm and disarm units, adjust sensitivity and a host of other functions via the OCULi HD cloud portal.

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