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Using Boundary Shield As An Effective And Robust Solution For Perimeter Protection

Many sites requiring traditional CCTV will also need some form of perimeter alert to deter intruders before they reach valuable equipment.

Boundary Shield active IR beams create an invisible perimeter barrier around a whole site or part of a site where additional security is needed such as a storage area for flammable material.

Boundary Shield beams are battery powered so require no civil works.  Batteries should last around three years and a low battery warning is transmitted to the receiver. Various tampers are also reported in this way. Beam sets come in 60 metre and 100 metre options with the 100m models fitted with quad beams and the 60m version with dual beams.  Simply, when the beams are broken this will send an alert via whatever Genesis receiver you are using.  The beam towers are fitted with Genesis transceivers so are compatible with Genesis PIR detectors to create a robust solution for large circumference sites.

The beam sets are available with fixed or adjustable frequency control to avoid cross talk between beams.  Boundary Shield wireless IR beams all work with Genesis wireless receivers and there are three models to choose from.  The most commonly used is the LGMRU4x4 receiver which has eight alarm relays and eight tamper relays which is generally enough for most applications.  Alternatively you can use the Genesis IP masthead (LGIPMT434) which allows a direct IP interface to popular systems such as Hikvision, Dahua, Sentinel, Immix etc.   You can test the strength of signal from the beam sets to the receiver by using our walk test instrument (LGWT434).

There are various free standing or wall mounted towers available with mounting kits for walls or fence posts.  Active IR beams provide particular proven reliability for detection in the dark and are widely considered to be a secure option due to their simple point to point mode of communication.

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