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Alertex - White Paper

Why Are Schools Choosing Wireless Lockdown Systems?

As part of the Ofsted inspection schools must be able to demonstrate that their lockdown alert is distinct in sound from their fire alert as one means stay and the other means evacuate. The ALERTEX range of call points and sounder/beacons is the perfect lockdown solution for a school as it has the following features.

Quick and Easy to Install

Connecting a wired system in schools is costly, invasive and a lengthy undertaking.  Alertex units are delivered pre-programmed so once the batteries are inserted units can be screwed in place and the system is ready.  This is particularly beneficial for older or listed buildings where civil works are often not allowed.

Minimal Disruption

Schools can carry out silent tests of the system at any time meaning there is no disruption to the school day.

Visually and Audibly Distinct

One of the main advantages of the Alertex lockdown system is that it both looks and sounds different to fire alerts. Sounders, beacons and call points are blue and there are 32 alarm sounds to choose from.  Alternatively, sounders can be replaced with annunciators allowing a bespoke message to be aired on activation.

Connect Sites

Many schools and universities have a number of outbuildings and temporary classrooms. Alertex programming allows schools to set different site codes for these areas if they are not part of a lockdown event.

A Connected System

There are a range of additional products in the Alertex range and all of them work on the same mesh protocol including heat and smoke detectors and mobile panic alerts.

An Intelligent System

If required you can add an IP masthead to the system which will give you access to the Alertex PC app designed to monitor and control units. It also allows for email alerts to be sent to key staff to give updates and further information on event activations.

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