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Key Differences Between OCULi HD And Other Wireless PIR Cameras

OCULi HD OCULi HD – The Standalone Security Solution No other equipment is required for OCULi HD such as a base station, hub or bridge.  This equipment is required for RSi, Reconeyez and Ajax MotionCam.  OCULi HD is completely standalone.  Whilst hubs need one sim for multiple cameras, the local wireless communication to any base […]

Fly-Tipping: Facts, Figures And Deterrents

White Paper Fly tipping has long been a blight on society and saw a marked increase in incidents during the Covid pandemic when many councils closed their tips. Incidents rose by over 50% in some areas and whilst most Council tips have now reopened, the increase in fly tipping has continued. Fly-tipping is defined as […]

An OCULi Christmas Story

VISUAL VERIFICATION We were contacted just before Christmas by an installer in Burnley, Lancashire who were at their wit’s end with a large amount of false alarms triggering. The installer suspected rodent activity but the client was adamant that this was not the cause and was calling on the installer to remove the ‘inferior’ equipment. […]

Security For Vacant Hospitality Venues

VISUAL VERIFICATION The hospitality sector is taking a huge battering due to the COVID-19 pandemic with almost 40,000 pubs, bars and restaurants standing empty. This is a major concern for owners, breweries and councils. Whilst many chains will have security solutions in place, it is the smaller independent venues that are looking for an inexpensive […]

Combatting False Alarms with Visual Verification

VISUAL VERIFICATION Law enforcement studies consistently report that over 90% of alarms resulting in police response prove to be false. This is where alarm verification technology comes into its own – whether your property is being looked after by a central alarm station or whether you are monitoring security yourself. Effective alarm security can be […]

Improved Night-Time Clarity for OCULi with New Firmware Update

The latest firmware update for OCULi greatly improves the clarity and brightness of night-time shots. OCULi units that are v3.13 or higher can be updated wirelessly by allowing over-the-air firmware updates within the web portal. Select ‘Update with release firmware’ within the sites tab to allow OCULi units to update automatically with the latest […]

Case study with Luminite and Wireless Logic

An innovative, rapidly-deployed, cost-effective and resilient visual-alert camera solution that requires no external power or broadband Flexible, reliable multi-network cellular platform delivers ‘connect anywhere’ capabilities Resilient, SLA-based supported infrastructure – vital for strategically deployed security devices Layered control and billing features are enabling new revenue and billing models Luminite Electronics, a British manufacturer of wireless […]