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Wireless Switching Transmitter For Use With 1–4 Gang Switches

The EasySwitch EST1 transmitter module is a battery powered transmitter which is small enough to be positioned behind a conventional wall switch. It is now possible to place a wall switch virtually anywhere without the need to run mains cables to it and for this switch to wirelessly operate lighting circuits around the home or office.

The EST1 transmitter has four inputs and can be connected to a 1 to 4 gang switch to operate up to four different receivers and circuits. The switch and transmitter may be mounted on a flush or surface box and will operate ESR.1 and ESR.4 receivers to provide remote lighting control within a 100-metre range.

Features and Specifications

Use with any make or style of non dimmable light switch
Four switch inputs for single to four gang switch plates
Operates up to four different circuits independently
Up to 100 metre transmission range
Powered by 2 x AAA 1.5 volt batteries (not supplied)
Battery life approximately two years
Works in conjunction with all EasySwitch products
Licence exempt
Temperature range: -10°C to +55°C