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EasySwitch Receivers Explained

The range comprises several receivers all of which are IP66 rated and work seamlessly with EasySwitch transmitters.

ESR1 – this is a wireless mains powered receiver commonly used for both domestic and commercial applications.  It has one volt free relay with a switching capacity of 1KW and can learn up to 16 transmitters. The transmission range has been improved to 200m which means you can site a receiver up to this distance from any transmitter and the signal will work line of sight.  

ESR2 – this has all the features of the ESR1 but is powered by 12v AC/DC.

ESR4 – this receiver has 4 independent relays each capable of switching 230v 1KW resistive load or 100W LED.  It has switched live outputs and 3 switching modes.  This receiver can be fitted with an external aerial (AE434) to improve transmission beyond it’s 200m capability so is particularly suited to difficult terrains.

ESR8+8 – this receiver has been designed for commercial applications using CCTV and alarm systems that require up to 16 or more wireless PIR detectors to be received to one central position. The receiver is supplied with 8 zones as standard and a further 8 zones can be added using an add on module (ESEM8).  The receiver boasts several features for security installers including the ability to disable alarm relays in groups and use additional built in relays to group alarm outputs.  Easy programming is facilitated by way of an LED display and simple programming buttons.  This receiver is capable of learning up to 170 EasySwitch devices and has a transmission range of 500m which can be extended using an external aerial (AE434).

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