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How Can I Control Pumps And Underfloor Heating Without Expensive Civil Works?

Heating engineers and installers are often faced with old and new build properties where the connection between a boiler servicing underfloor heating or hot water requires cabling that can be difficult or simply not possible to install thus causing delay and disruption to a project. The EST4HVAC transmitter has been designed specifically for the retro control of HVAC systems.

The transmitter is mains powered and can easily interface with various control devices that have mains signal outputs.  Depending on the number of circuits you wish to control, the EST4HVAC can work with either the ESR1 (single circuit) or ESR4 (up to 4 circuits) receivers.

With a transmission range of up to 100m line of sight, this transmitter can be used to control devices from one building to another or between flats in a block for example.  Each time a mains signal is applied or removed from the transmitter it will repeatedly send this command message to the receiver over a period of time to ensure the message is received. There is no limit to the number of receivers that can be learned to the transmitter so one command can be sent to and received in several locations.

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