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How To Set-Up A Simple Intruder Detection System

Home protection As much as we don’t want to admit it, the crime rate in the UK is rising. Most domestic burglaries in the UK happen during the summer months when we leave our windows and doors open to let in fresh air. Approximately 67% of burglars break in through a door, and 29% break […]

How To Detect An Intruder On The Driveway

Home protection You will need an EasySwitch PIR detector.  There are two styles to choose from.   The 15 metre ESD1 is popular for this application and is powered from a PP3 9-volt battery and has a 15-metre x 90° field of view. Alternatively, there is the ESD30 which has a detection range of up […]

How To Remotely Operate Garden Lighting and Features

Wireless switching You can use any of the EasySwitch transmitters to send a signal to a receiver to operate outside lighting manually or at a set time. To operate outside lights or features from inside the home you can opt for a wall switch transmitter (EST1). Here you can position a switch virtually anywhere in […]