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Which EasySwitch Detector Should I Use?

There are 4 types of EasySwitch PIR detector: ESD.1, ESD.2, ESD.3 and ESD.30. Each detector features a different lens pattern, suitable for a variety of scenarios. 


If you have pets you can select the ESD.3 which is fitted with a curtain lens. When mounted at 2.5 metres it will not see below approximately 1 metre but will see 12m out.  Alternatively the new ESD.30 not only boasts a sleek new design but it is also fitted with a pet immune lens array. The detection range out is 30m x 70°.

ESD.1 is our standard, medium range PIR which will detect movement 15m out by 90°.  Where you have a fence or alleyway to protect you should opt for the ESD.2 which detects 40m out by 1° so has a long and narrow detection range.

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