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New Genesis TCP/IP Bridge – LGIPBRIDGE

NEW PRODUCT The Genesis TCP/IP Bridge connects products that use the UHF network, such as Genesis PIR detectors, to the internet using the widely utilised Telnet protocol, allowing the system to be remotely monitored. The bridge can connect to third party platforms via the SMTP protocol and is compatible with Immix, Sentinel and Webeye ARC […]

Genesis PIRs And Concept Pro

Genesis Integrations Luminite have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of external PIRs for 40 years, and in that time, have evolved a range of wireless detectors with both a transmission range and false alarm immunity that is unrivalled in the industry.  PIRs are still the most cost-effective early detection tool for intruder alarm […]

The Advantages Of Using Genesis CCTV Towers

PRESS RELEASE Theft of construction equipment, machinery, building material and red diesel costs the industry over £800 million every year.  The problem is worsening with over 92% of participants in a recent survey of industry professionals reporting that they experienced theft on a regular basis. Manned guarding is a costly solution, and many construction companies […]

New Wireless Sounder To Work With Luminite PIR Detectors

Press-release Luminite are specialists in PIR detection and wireless alert systems. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our range of PIR detectors and receivers is one of the most robust available. We are delighted to announce a new addition to our range, designed to provide sounder functionality via a volt free contact as a further […]

How Using An IP Masthead Receiver Makes The Reporting Of Incidents Simpler

CONSTRUCTION SITE SAFETY In this post COVID world, the requirement for intuitive IP connectivity is more important than ever.   Genesis wireless and hard wired PIR detectors are widely used across the UK and Europe working with CCTV to protect a host of sites and properties.  Adding an IP masthead receiver (LGIPMT434)  gives the end-user or […]

PIR vs Analytics

With the advance of deep learning analytics in the industry is the death bell tolling for traditional PIR motion detectors?

New Additions to the Genesis Range

* * * New to the Genesis range * * * The new Genesis key fob (LGKF4) works in conjunction with our improved masthead receiver LGMRU4x4 (see below for details).  Using the key fob to indicate the set or unset status means that the alarm system conforms to BS8418. Up to 16 Genesis key fobs […]

Genesis Integration with Concept Pro

Genesis PIR detectors now integrate with ALL current Concept Pro NVR and DVR models Luminite Electronics, manufacturer of wireless and hard wired PIR detectors, is delighted to announce that their range of Genesis PIR detectors now integrate over IP with the new generation of Concept Pro recorders. Simple plug and play technology enables up to […]